• Chen Tao Jun 12, 2017

    Chinese culture inspiration - Children's games in ancient China

      Yesterday, I spent a whole day on the sofa and with my smartphone in my hand. Time flied from my hand during my watching of TV series and scan the internet. However in ancient China, like my parents' generation, they have no smart phone, no internet,how did they spend their holiday time? Instead, they came up with interesting games to play with their friends. For example, stone balls. During the Qing Dynasty, kicking a stone ball around was a popular sport in the north part of China, and it was often played in the winter to keep warm, stones were carved into small balls and kicked along with feet. They also played flying kites. Kites have quite a long history. The earliest kites were made of wood, instead of paper. Nowadays, the three most famous kites are the Beijing kite, Tianjin kite and Weifang kite, which each has distinctive features. The swallow-shaped kite is a well-known Beijing style.  


  • Chinese pavilion at Venice show to focus on mountains and water

    The map of Bu Xi [Photo provided to China Daily] One of Ma Yuan's twelve images of water surging [Photo provided to China Daily] Yao Huifen's Suzhou embroidery Skeleton Fantasy Show [Photo provided to ChinaDaily] The theme of the pavilion is Continnum – Generation by Generation through which Qiu aims to show the energy that keeps Chinese culture going.The Chinese pavilion to be unveiled at the 57th Venice Biennale art...


  • Chen Tao Mar 28, 2017

    Chinese Chess

    IT’S an ever-present scene in China. As you stroll down a quiet alley, wander in a public park or pass a private courtyard with the door open, you’ll likely spot people playing a board game on a table, a bench or just on the ground. And more often than not, there will be a group of onlookers hovering over the two players, offering free advice and commentary on every move...


  • New Chinese stamps celebrate four seasons

    "Spring" by China Post [Photo provided to China Daily] "Summer" by China Post [Photo provided to China Daily] "Autumn" by China Post [Photo provided to China Daily] "Winter" by China Post [Photo provided to China Daily] China Post will issue a set of four stamps titled Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, priced at 5.4 yuan (78 US cents), on March 20. Designed by established artist Feng Yuan, each stamp portrays...


  • Seal engraving conveys Chinese characters' beauty

    A piece of seal cutting work from Yin Hailong. [Photo/namoc.org] A piece of Yin Hailong's seal cutting work. [Photo/namoc.org] A piece of seal cutting work from Yin Hailong. [Photo/namoc.org]   A piece of seal cutting work from Yin Hailong. [Photo/namoc.org]   An exhibition of new works from seal cutting artist Yin Hailong will be held at the National Art Museum of China from March 22 to April 1. The 100...