Aug 06, 2014


Colorful cultural tea-table


Exquisite craftsmanship




Tea table modeled after the Zhaozhou Bridge

In the view of Jiao Hui, a tea- table is not simply a table over which to drink tea, it’s more like a period of history or a story that touches your heart.

Jiao Hui nearly lost his entire principal into the failed tea business in the first several years. However, he found that even through the tea-table was delicate, it was still a table; but if one blends historical and cultural elements into it, a new life full of vitality would be given birth to.

Fortunately, Jiao Hui became one of the beneficiaries of the Cultural Enterprise Development Fund set up in Shijiazhuang City, capital of Hebei province in 2011.

He got half a million yuan from the fund and then hired a number of specialists. They combined China’s thousand-year-old tea culture with traditional stone carving and wood carving techniques, strengthened originality and creativity, and finally created a kind of boutique tea-table that represents the Yanzhao culture.

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