Dec 08, 2012


Northern and Southern Dynasties (420-589 AD)

- Paper was invented by the Chinese in the 5th century

- The first Chinese paper cutting found in Xinjiang is from the 6th century

- The first Yueqing paper cutting was created during this dynasty


Sui Dynasty (581-618)

- Paper cutting became an established art form in Yangzhou


Tang Dynasty (618-907)

- Paper cutting was popular among royalty and nobles within the palaces 

- Women used paper cutting for hair decorations 

- Paper cuttings were used by men in sacred ceremonies 

- Paper cuttings began to be hung up next to New Year Posters for the New Year celebrations


Song Dynasty (960-1279)

- Paper became mass produced and was available to commoners 

- Paper cutting became a popular art throughout China 

- Paper cuttings started to be used to decorate the dragon boats during the Dragon Boat Festival


Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368)

- Paper cutting became a popular art in other countries such as Germany, Japan and Italy

- Yueqing paper cut art became a much loved folk art


Ming Dynasty  (1368-1644)

- Wexian paper cut art originated during this period


Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)

- Paper cutting became a popular decoration for festivals and gfts

- The production of paper cutting was in decline towards the end of the Qing Dynasty 

- Paper cuttings started to be used as templates for embroidery

- Fengning started to produce paper cuttings during this dynasty


People’s Republic of China (1949)

- 1950’s = The Paper Cut Production Group was created by local folk paper cut artists in Yueqing 

- 1955 = The Agency of Folk Arts and Crafts was created in Yangzhou to help revive paper cutting within the area 

- 2001 = Li Bangdong was recommended as an international paper cut master to UNESCO 

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