Cats in the Forbidden City

Cats in the Forbidden City

Since the Yuan Dynasty, Beijing has seen the dynasty change in the 750-year-old years, and its history has risen and fallen. Until the imperial power collapsed, the former Imperial Palace was gradually contaminated with human fireworks.

Today their old masters have become history, and the resident wilderness is a group of wild cats.

At present there are more than 200 wild cats in the Forbidden City, and it is because of them that the relics of the Forbidden City have been preserved so well. Some of them might even be descendants of royal pets, says museum official Ma Guoqing. People send cat food from the northeast to the south everyday. Some even specify which cat to accept.

Everyone knows that these cats work very hard, because there is no mouse in the entire Forbidden City. Each of the cats here has its own name, and they guard the imperial city like a former guard. While harvesting a lot of fans, there are also related peripheral products.

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