Feb 23, 2014

Longjing Tea (Dragon-Well Tea,龙井茶). Longjing tea is produced in West Lake of Hangzhou and it is the most famous in 10 top famous teas. Longjing tea is planted in the mountains. For many years, Hangzhou is famous for both of West Lake and Dragon-Well Tea in the world. It is strongly featured by its viridescence, fragrance, sweetness and good look. The making of dragon well tea or Longjing tea has more than 1,200 year history. Traditionally it was the royal tribute in different dynasties. In Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong visited Jiangnan area, and drunk dragon well tea in Hangzhou. He highly spoke of the dragon well tea. The making procedure of dragon-well tea is very exclusive and strict. In spring, it is the time for making and selling tea, generally the tea is sold at a higher price. It is also bought by government for serving foreign guests. During the time of spring, it is the best time for drinking the fresh tea. Generally it is the custom of the local people.

Biluochun Tea (Spring Spiral Tea,碧螺春茶). Biluochun tea is produced in Suzhou, which is near to Hanghzou. It is the second most famous tea in China. Biluochun tea is green tea. The major planting area is Dongtingshan Mountain beside Taihu Lake. The tea looks like spiral and it is crinkled. The make procedure is comprised of removing green, drying and kneading as well as rubbing to be a ball.

Huangshan Maofeng Tea (Fuzzy-Tip Tea,黄山毛峰茶). Huangshan Maofeng Tea is produced in Taiping County of Huangshan Mountain. The major plantations are located in Yungu Temple, Songgu Nunnery, Diaoqiao Nunnery and Ciguang Pavilion as well as the Banshan Temple with an altitude of 1,200 meters. The making procedures are also much too strict. Its picking time starts from Qingming(one of 24 lunar seasonal sections) to Summer Begins. The picked buds and leaves will be strictly checked and categorized.

Anxi Tieguanyin Tea(安溪铁观音茶). Tieguanyin tea belongs to oolong tea. Tieguanyin tea is produced in Anxi county of Jiangxi province. Traditionally Tieguanyin tea boasts the King of Tea. Four seasons all the year are all the time for picking tea, so the tea is also divided into spring tea, summer tea, heat tea and autumn tea. Generally, spring tea is the best. The procedure is the same as the general oolong-tea making.

Yueyang Junshanyinzhen Tea(君山银针茶). It belongs to Yellow tea. Junshanyinzhen tea begun drinking in Tang Dynasty, and in Qing Dynasty, it was the royal tribute of government. It is produced on isles or islands of Dongting Lake. It is categorized into Rongcha(Fuzz Tea) and Jiancha(Tip Tea). The tip tea looks like the sword, and publicly it is called Gongjian(literally translated Tribute Tip Tea). Its making procedure is also complicated, at least needs 8 steps.

Pu-Er Tea(普洱茶). Pu-Er tea is a new kind of tea planted on the basis of Dayecha or Big-Leaf Tea in Yunnan. Pu-Er tea is also called Dianqing Tea. It is named after its sales place that is Pu-Er County. It has more than 1700 year history. Generally the tea tree is larger and taller than the common tea trees. Its making procedure is also comprised of eight steps. It is strongly featured by the eternal fragrance and can be used for five or six times.

Yunwu Tea云雾茶) is one of the famous green teas, it is said that the tea planting on Lushan Mountain begun from Jin Dynasty. In Song Dynasty, Yunwu tea became the royal tribute. Thanks to the unique landform and geography of Lushan Mountain, Yunwu Tea is famous for its fragrance like orchid in deep mountain. Its making procedure is comprised of 9 steps.

Xinyang Maojian Tea(信阳毛尖茶). Maojian tea is produced in Xinyang of Henan province, specifically on the peaks of Cheyun Mountain, Jiyun Mountain, Tianyun Mountain, Yunwu Mountain, Zhenglei Mountain, Heilongtan Mountain and Bailongtan Mountain. The best is produced in Cheyun Mountain and Tianwu Mountain. It is the tea produced in middle China.

Qihong Tea(祁红茶). Qihong tea belongs to black tea and also very famous in many brands of black tea in the world. Qihong tea is produced in Qimen county of Anhui province. Qihong tea is the treasured kind of Gongfu Black Tea. Thanks to its advantageous environment, it has been famous for more than 1000 years. In international market, Qihong tea has a high reputation and it is called Qimenxiang or Qimen Fragrance.

Liuan Guapian Tea(六安瓜片茶). Liuan guapian tea is the famous green tea. It is the only famous tea made of the single leaf. It is produced in the mountainous area of Dabianshan Mountain in west Anhui province. The best products are from Liuan, Jinzhai and Huoshan counties. The shape of the tea looks like the sunflower seed, so it is called Guapian tea. And the most famous tea is produced on the Qiyun Mountain. It is widely famous as Qiyunguapian Tea.

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