May 03, 2014


Although many rituals and customs have been lost in the course of history but the random sum is been observed today. Following the traditions of ancient culture, wedding in Beijing as well as any other part of China has a long history of Chinese tradition,which is practiced in honor of family value and respects to committing to relationship and holly marriage.

Chinese Wedding traditions

The main purpose behind Chinese marriage is to create alliances between two families and also continuation of ancestral line.The Ancient way of Chinese wedding, is through three letters, the betrothal letter, which serves as a confirmation of formal arrangement of marriage, the gift letter and wedding letter which is given to the bride’s family on the wedding day.


Chinese wedding games - Chinese wedding door game

On the day of the wedding the groom and his colleague will go to bride house to collect her, but before the groom could get the bride, he must play a Chinese door game with the bridesmaid, family or friends. This game which is originated from ancient times blocks the groom from entering the door by asking question about the bride,to know how he loves the woman. The groom will try to buy his way in by presenting Li Shi, token money wrapped in red envelops. After the door game, the bride and the groom will have the Tea Ceremony which is an equivalent exchange of vows as at western wedding ceremony and ends with a chinese feast.

Dressing Code for Chinese traditional Wedding

There are three dresses that the bride needs to wear.

  • Traditional white dress with Weil; Worn during the wedding ceremony
  • Throughout the banquet, the bride needs to wear a traditional Chinese wedding dress.
  • Last dress is known as bride’s going away dress, which is worn before the bride leaves to the groom’s house.  


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