Mar 23, 2013

Chinese dragon

The Chinese dragon is the symbol of protection and success. It is regarded as the Supreme Being among all creatures, temples and shrines have been built to honor Chinese dragons.

There are nine dragons, the earth dragon, the wind dragon, the sea dragon, the water dragon, the sky dragon, the fire dragon, the golden dragon, the mountain dragon and the heavenly dragon.

Chinese Dragons control rain, rivers, lakes, and seas. Being the divine mythical animal, the dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all.

The dragon is traditionally associated with East direction and it is believed that placing an image of a dragon on the East side of your home or office will protect you from negative energy and will bring great fortune.
Chinese dragon & Phoenix - for happy marriage

Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Auspiciousness

Chinese dragon and Phoenix are the perfect couple which symbolize Yang (dragon )and Yin (phoenix ) in feng shui. The Phoenix alone projects yang character but when the phoenix is shown together with dragon or placed beside a dragon, it becomes yin.

Dragon and phoenix couple symbolize emperor and empress and they represent a happy marriage blessed with success and prosperity.

The Dragon and Phoenix couple not only strengthens relationships, it can even relight the fires of a kindling relationship with the fiery energy of the Phoenix.

It is the perfect Chinese symbol as well for people who are single looking for true love, best if the image is placed in Southwest corner of your home .

Turtle dragon ( Dragon head tortoise ) - for wealth , career & business success, long life, protection

Dragon head tortoise

This unique creature, turtle dragon symbolizes awesome powers of the turtle and dragon plus four spiritually endowed symbols of lucky Chinese feng shui.

The creature has the head of a dragon, the body of a turtle, and is sitting on coins and gold ingots. And there is a baby turtle on the back.

Turtle symbolizes longevity . It is believed that the mythical turtle ( tortoise ) will be able to live 3,000 years without food and air.

Dragon head sailing ship - For all success


Dragon head boat

Sailing ship is described as smooth sailing success and riches which bring wealth and prosperity from wind and water:.
It is among the most popular symbols of business & career success in Chinese culture.
Sailing ships are usually displayed near the entrance of store or office at lower position than your coffee table and with many coins or gold jewelry on the ship.

A long time ago, many old-style Chinese entrepreneurs used the sailing ship as their logo since it symbolized the winds bringing more business, more trade and therefore more revenue. Next to the dragon, the sailing ship is the most popular symbol that is used by Chinese businessmen.

Dragon head sailing ship is a combination of two success symbols , that become more powerful and expand yang energy around the area. It is said to bring favorable luck for all your goals even personal accomplishment.
Position of the sailing ship has to be coming in, not going away and no higher than coffee table .

Dragon dance

Dragon Dance

In Chinese new year , Dragon dance is held for celebration to welcome new year and is an important occasion for openings. Dragon dance is believed to create positive Qi energy .


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