Oct 13, 2015
A A dragonfly white-eye glass bead during the Spring and Autumn Periods of ancient China. A A light yellow glass bowl from the Qing Dynasty sold for 1,848,000 yuan ($292,168) at the China Guardian 2010 Autumn Auctions. A A blue glass ‘fish and algae’ water pot from the Qing Dynasty sold for 69,000 yuan ($10,908) at the China Guardian 2011 Autumn Auctions. A A red glass 'flower scroll' vase from the Qing Dynasty sold for 366,624 yuan ($58,368) at the Ravenel Hong Kong 2014 Spring Auctions. A A 'famille-rose' enameled glass 'three friends' snuff bottle from the Qing Dynasty sold for 352,625 ($56,000) at the Bonhams 2012 Autumn Auctions. An An archaistic glass Gui from the Qing Dynasty sold for 162,600 yuan ($25,600) at the Bonhams 2012 Spring Auctions. Glass, one of the oldest man-made materials, carries a history of more than 2000 years in China. The earliest glass ware in China was shaped as small ball, and was used only as a decoration on the sword of nobleman. Glass boomed in China during the Qing Dynasty. There was even an imperial glass making factory during that time. Now let's look at some exquisite glass wares from ancient China.

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