Oct 25, 2013

There are Four Beauties in ancient China, also, in Chinese history, there are four men renowned for their beauty.  There are many versions for the most handsome men in ancient China. However, these four (Pan An, Song Yu, King Lanling, Wei Jie) are widely accepted as the Four Handsome Men in ancient China.

Pan An


People usually use “Mao Si Pan An” (a man looks like the good-looking man named Pan An) to describe the appearance of a handsome man. Wherever he went, there was always a group of girls around him. But he refused them all and was always loyal to his wife.

Song Yu


According to the legend, Song Yu, also called Zi Yuan, was the student of Qu Yuan (one of the Chinese greatest romantic poets). Song Yu was not only endowed with wit and beauty, but also highly cultured in literature. His masterpiece Jiu Bian is regarded as the gem in the history of Chinese literature.

King Lanling


King Lanling is also among the Four Handsome Men. He is a legendary handsome man with mysterious origin, the brave and skillful technique in battlefield, etc.

Wei Jie


Wei Jie was called Bi Ren at that time, meaning he was as handsome as jade. One day, he traveled to a city, when girls heard Wei Jie arrived at their city, they all swarmed around him to welcome him. He could not get enough time to rest. Therefore, this young handsome man fainted because of being overtired and heatstroke. Later, he died with worsened health at the age of only 27.

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