Apr 18, 2014

The lotus flower is one of the top ten famous flower species in China. The flower is huge in size, bright in color, fragrant in scent, and is extremely adaptive. It can be planted extensively in lakes, which forms a spectacular scene; or grown in a flowerpot or put in a vase, which produces special appeal. The lotus was a rare water plant of imperial and private gardens in the past times, and in modern scenic gardens, it is even more favored and extensively planted.

Lotus in Traditional Chinese Culture

In Chinese flower culture, the lotus is the subject of poems and paintings endowed with artistic appeal; it is the material of graceful dances; and it is a common pattern and design of various architectural decorations, sculpture artworks and daily utensils.

Thoughts on the Love of Lotus Flowers
by Zhou Dunyi (Song Dynasty)

In this world there are many kinds of flowering plants, whether on water or land, that appeal to ones liking. Tao Qian in the Jin Dynasty alone devoted himself to the chrysanthemum. Since the early days of the Tang Dynasty it has been fashionable to admire the peony; but my favorite is the lotus flower. How stainless it rises from its slimy bed! How modestly it reposes on the clear pool? An emblem of purity and truth! Symmetrically perfect, its subtle perfume is wafted far and wide, while it rests in spotless state, something to be regarded reverently from a distance, and not to be profaned by familiar approach.

Ideal Place for Viewing Lotus

Quyuan Fenghe (Lotus in the breeze at crooked courtyard) in Hangzhou is one of the Top Ten Views of the West Lake. It was originally an official brewery at Hongchunqiao in the Southern Song Dynasty, which moved to the lakeside during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (1662 C 1722) in the Qing Dynasty, and has now become a park featuring lotus flowers. The lotus flowers on the water form a beautiful summer garden scene together with the pavilions, terraces, towers and bridges.

SOURCE : cultural-china.com

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