Sep 06, 2012



Nantong blue calico printing and dyeing

Traditional Nantong blue calico printing and dyeing has been popular for a long time in almost every county of Nantong City. After the Yuan (1271-1368) and Ming Dynasty(1368-1644), there were female weavers in every house in Nantong, which is famous for weaving and blue calico. Nantong blue calico is spun, woven and dyed all by hand in mainly plant and flower patterns, and is used to make useful things for every day life.

A series of complicated processes is needed to produce blue calico, mainly including selecting cotton material, soaking into water, backing up, drawing designs, enchasing, being coated with tung oil, dyeing, cleaning, and sunning. These steps are demanding and all require sophisticated craftsmanship.

Nantong blue calico printing and dyeing has a high cultural value. However, the number of professional personnel in this field is decreasing. The methods of making blue calico have changed, and some blue calico is even made by machine. This tradition needs protection.

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