Oct 29, 2014


The operatic art that has direct relevance to this wonder is Shaanxi opera (pinyin: Qinqiang). Shaanxi opera is characterized by high-spirited, loud, and strong singing that conveys strong emotions in a rapid-fire fashion. This is particularly true of male characters during a performance as they tend to sing as loudly as they can, a practice referred to as Trying to deafen as many people as possible by the locals.


As people from outside Shaanxi often jokingly note, Three conditions have to exist for any Shaanxi opera piece to be safely sung: first, the stage must be sturdy enough so that it will not collapse during the performance; second, the singer must be physically strong, or he or she may become sick due to too much effort; third, the audience must be brave enough or some viewers may be scared to death.

It is quite an experience to watch a Shaanxi opera performance because every singer will sing so loudly with so great effort that the audience wonders if they have gone crazy but immensely enjoys a performance thus given.

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