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In ancient times, households pasted door gods on the door during the Spring Festival to express auspicious wishes and to ward off evil demons and devils.

关于门神的来历,有这样一个传说:东海度朔山中,有一棵盘曲3000 里的巨大的桃树,其枝伸向东北方的鬼门,所有的鬼怪来往皆从此出入。树下有二神,一名神荼,一名郁櫑,专门监视鬼的行为,发现哪个鬼胡作非为,便用草绳捆 起来喂老虎吃。于是,人们就在两块桃板上,画上神荼和郁櫑的像。置以门侧,以御百鬼骚扰。这是传说中最早出现的门神形象。

There is a legend about door gods. There was a huge giant peach tree on Mount Du Shuo in East Sea, which branches stretched to 3000 li. The branches spread to the Door of Ghosts in the northeast through which millions of demons and devils past. Two gods were Shen Shu and Yu Lei guarded under the tree. They would catch, bind those misbehavior evils, and throw them to the tigers. So, people drew the images of Shen Shu and Yu Lei on beach boards and placed on the door sides to keep out evils. Shen Shu and Yu Lei are the earliest images of door gods.

经过历代演变,门神的内容也不断发生变化。唐代的门神已不是神荼、郁櫑,而换成了秦琼和尉迟敬德。相传有一次唐太宗李世民因恶梦而生病,半夜三更时 分,常听到鬼叫。这事被大臣们知道后,就推荐开国名将秦琼和尉迟敬德全副披挂,在门外彻夜守卫。没出几夜,太宗的病果然好了。尔后,他就命画工画了秦琼和 尉迟敬德的像,贴在门上,借以镇邪避祟。这个作法,很快在民间流传开来。后来,门神又不断增加了新的内容。人们把秦琼和尉迟敬德的像(也有其他圣贤的像) 贴在前门迎客,把传说中的捉鬼能手钟馗的画像悬于后门上赶鬼,自以为前后把得紧,野鬼钻不进了。

As time went by, door gods kept changes. In the Tang Dynasty, the door gods changed to Qin Qiong and Yuchi Jingde. It is said that Li Shimin, the Emperor of Taizong of Tang Dynasty had a nightmare and got sick. He frequently heard ghost yelling at the midnight. Officials recommended two founding generals, Qin Qiong and Yuchi Jinde to guard the door armed with weapons. Li Shimin was recovered after several days. Then, he ordered to draw the portraits of Qin Qiong and Yuchi Jinde and put them up on the door to ward off devils. This practice was soon spread among the people. Later, door gods have new images. People put the pictures of Qin Qiong and Yuchi Jingde, also other sages on the door to welcome guests, while paste the image of Zhong Kui, an expert of catching ghosts on the top of back door. Both back and front doors are guarded to ward off ghosts.

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