Jul 10, 2014



Located at the easternmost of Gansu Province, the intersection of three provinces: Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia, Qingyang City is an ancient town have many specialities. Among them, Qingyang Sachet is one of them, which is also called Chuchu.

Featuring simple and elegant shapes, Qingyang Sachet is a handcraft that combines three-dimensional shaping and plane embroidery. Besides, based on the manufacture techniques, they can be divided into chuchu-type, thread-type, three-dimensional embroidery type and two-dimensional embroidery type. Among them, Chuchu-type , which is also called thread hidden embroidery, featuring for hidden threads, that the best one is without revealing threads.

To make a Qingyang Sachet is not a easy job, you need to do much works, inception of creative ideas, choosing and cutting materials, deciding the shape etc. Besides, a good Qingyang Sachet needs have deep metaphor and symbolism, for with these they people express their ideals.

Moreover, the three-type sachet is a pentagon lozenge rice dumpling made of varicolored threads. This kind of sachet could be worn on the body, or hung at the door or givern to others as a gift, with the wish for harmony and safety.

There are over 400 varieties three-dimensional embroidery sachet, such as single-side pendants and accessories, double-side pendants and accessories, stereotype pendants, and exhibition articles etc. Besides, the two-dimensional embroidery sachet is in solemn and elegant style.

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