Mar 28, 2013

Straw Painting vase is a kind of manual craft with strong rustic flavor. Made of pure natural raw material, it is eco-friendly; and colored by ironing, the vase is able to maintain its original shape and color for a long time.



Also called wheat straw paste, straw painting is a kind of court handicraft originated from the Sui Dynasty. It is a treasure of ancient Chinese art. Similar to paper-cut and cloth painting, it is a kind of clip art which requires pure handwork to finish. To make a straw painting, you need to steep wheat straws in medicinal liquid, and then fumigate and steam the straws before splitting them and pressing them into pieces. Later scalding; through the change of temperatures, the surface of the straw pieces would have different color shades. After that, the straw pieces would undergo over 30 complicated procedures, such as cutting, pasting, sketching, scalding (again), polishing, numbering, plating, imitating, assembling, etc. before a lifelike straw painting artwork comes into being. The straw painting is a folk handicraft acclaimed by folk artists both home and abroad, an equal rival with Bian embroidery and Su embroidery in terms of fame. In addition, the materials used are environmental friendly; the straw painting, with distinct layers and vivid image, has strong visual and artistic impact.

The straw-painting vase has delicate and ingenious workmanship; the design, an integration of classic and trendy elements, has an amazing effect in image composition, with both modern and ancient styles, pure and colorful crafts; moreover, as it is pure hand-made, and has non-replicable artistic features, the market value of a straw-painting vase far exceeds that of some common ornaments.


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