Oct 25, 2013

Wang Xifeng is included in the list of Twelve Beauties of Jinling (refers to the twelve excellent ladies) in the book of The Dream of Red Mansions. She is smart, capable and is known as the most scheming woman in the book.


Wang Xifeng is the wife of Jia Lian and the niece of Mrs. Wang. She wins the favor of the Jia Mu (the most respectable and powerful female elderly) due to her great management ability. Therefore, she is in charge of the daily running of the family of Jia and wields financial and political power.

The first time that she appeared in the book, her voice and laugh came into people’s ears firstly and quickly attracted their attention. The image of Wang Xifeng soon establish lively in people’s hearts.


She is regarded as the outstanding multi-faceted personalities of both kindness and cruelty. Her forthright personality and loud laugh make her quite different from the frail and weak-willed beauties of the literature at that time.

The writer describes Wang Xifeng as a smart, beautiful, capable and vicious woman. However, what she has done not only accelerated the decline of the family of Jia, but also finally caused her death. She is that person who you hate but at the same time, can’t help loving. Her name also has the same pronunciation of the words xi feng (west wind), which means the prosperity of the family Jia will be gone with the west wind.

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