Aug 12, 2014


Unofficial History of the Scholars is an outstanding full-length satirical novel in the history of Chinese literature, mainly narrating the life of intellectuals in the Ming Dynasty. It was written by Wu Jingzi, who was born in an aristocratic family and received a good education since the childhood. Moreover, he had special aptitude in creative writing and due to his father's taking official positions in many places, had abundant knowledge on governmental affairs. Unofficial History of the Scholars was completed in his late forties and was supplemented afterwards, thus presenting as the embodiment of his lifelong experience, knowledge and literary talents.


Unofficial History of the Scholars Stamps

Detailed descriptions of all circles in the society at that time were provided in the novel which has no major thread other than a central theme, namely, protesting against imperial examination system and feudal ethics as well as satirizing hypocritical and abominable social manners. The novel is characterized by precise, vivid and refined colloquial language, lifelike character images, dainty and delicate description of scenery as well as outstanding satire skills, thus achieving a great artistic success.

As the first novel aiming at describing the life of intellectuals, Unofficial History of the Scholars provides a deep probe into the fate and life value of the intellectuals in ancient China. Meanwhile, its nature as an autobiography is a successful attempt made by the author in terms of handling the relationship between life and art when serving as a precedent in the history of novel.

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