Mar 20, 2014


Yang Yuhuan - One of the Four Beauties in Ancient China

Yang Yuhuan (杨玉环), an imperial concubine of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, was one of China’s four beauties admired by latter people. She was commonly called “Imperial Concubine Yang (Yang Guifei)“.

Yang Yuhuan was born in an old, well-known official family. She was naturally beautiful with a docile character. She was gifted in music, singing, dancing and playing lute. These talents, together with her education, made her stand out among the imperial concubines and win the emperor‘s favor.

Emperor Xuanzong, a fan of music, ordered his musicians to play the music Song of Rainbow Skirt & Feathered Dress composed by him to express his cheerful feeling of seeing Imperial Concubine Yang. Latterly, Imperial Concubine Yang was banished twice from the palace, for her envy peeved Emperor Xuanzong. However, Xuanzong, who was so hard to forget her, called her back every time at the end.


Consort Yang Mounting a Horse

In 755 A.D when the military insurgence “Anshi Insurgence (Anshizhiluan)“ was lunched by the local forces of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Tang Xuanzong, together with Imperial Concubine Yang, fled from Chang’an. When they arrived at the Mawei Slope, the army refused to march, for the army thought that the reason of this rebellion by An Lushan was that Imperial Concubine Yang’s behavior of attracting emperor ruined the state and that her cousin Yang Guozong colluded with the enemy. To appease the army, Emperor Tang Xuanzong had no choice but to order Yang to commit suicide at the Mawei Slope.

Today, there is a tomb of Imperial Concubine Yang in Xingping of Shaanxi, in front of which stands her white marble statue.

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