A few years ago, we discovered a tourism program in China titled “Going Back to Hometown with Foreigners”.

The program is a documentary of Liam Bates who had studied and lived in China returning to his hometown, Swiss. He shot his itinerary for a few days and introduced Swiss humanities and landscapes to China.

The content of the first phase is Liam returning home, Switzerland, from China. Liam, who had lived in China for a relatively long time, was an old China hand. As a oriental culture lover, he brought his parents souvenirs with the most oriental characteristics - tea, and specially customized a oriental Tang costume for his grandmother. When his parents received the tea screaming “oriental Tea”, when the white-haired grandmother who had longed for coming to China put on the Tang Costume, and excitedly picked up the comb to dress up again after many years, we could not be more touched.

In Liam’s program, we not only see the love of oriental culture from foreign friends who have studied and lived in China, but also feel the deep affections for the ancient mysterious oriental country from the people who have never been to China.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo (Expo 2010) have showed the modern developed China to the world, and more and more foreign friends come to China, learn about oriental cities’ modernization and also take more traditional oriental culture back to their countries, to more areas of the world, which lead to more and more exchanges between China and the world. All of these let us feel a responsibility of finding a way to make more persons really feel the charms of oriental traditional culture.

With such a strong hope and vision, and after more than one-year preparation, we have the current CultureInCart. We choose the traditional handicrafts which can best represent oriental traditional culture and wisdoms as the carrier, to convey the civilizations of this ancient oriental country with a history of 5000 years to other people.

We try to excel in every section. From products selections to data organizations, we try our best to show authentic oriental traditional crafts and traditional culture to every person who visits CultureInCart or buys CultureInCart products. We have always been working hard to build CultureInCart into a most professional consultation and shopping platform with the richest oriental traditional culture.

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